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Operations Manager

Dan's teaching experience provides the perfect skillset for managing our fun-loving Adventure Guides!

More About Dan
I am Dan and live in St. Louis Park area. I’ve been with UffDa managing the operations of PaddleTap for 2 years now. Its been great fun as helping people plan adventures is awesome. During the non-summer months, I spend most my time chasing 3rd graders as a teacher in Apple Valley schools.


Lead Adventure Guide

Wells is your quintessential hippy adventure guide. A Minnetonka native, he is an expert at guiding our adventures!

More About Wells

Hellooo Campers, Wells Brose here. Yes that's my real name... thanks Mom and Dad!

I was born and raised in the sweet waters of Lake Minnetonka. With a vast 24 years of exploring the United states and the Far East. My spark of adventure started at a young age. My parents took me to these beautiful beaches of Florida, and since then, I have never been able to stop exploring. Even if it's my own back yard. I love long walks on the beach and sunsets.

I am very passionate about learning new things (especially history), people and being part of other peoples experiences, and adventuring out in the world. I can be easily wowed with food or facts. My favorite cheap beer is HAMM'S (if you don't know about Hamms I'll bless you with some knowledge). My favorite craft beer is Ballast Point Sculpin and my favorite food is a toss up between Popcorn and Pizza (obviously fresh is best). My cons are rude people, cottage cheese and not the biggest fan of olives, but they're growing on me!

The attention to detail I have to make sure everyone has a good time is what separates me from the pack. Uff Daa Adventures is a great way to explore your own backyard or someone else', or maybe mine.

Wells Brose, your humorous, care free, & forthright type of travel guide.


Adventure Guide

Paul is an energetic, ambitious tour guide who is sure to show your group a great time!

More About Paul
Born on a frigid November night this legend was born! Currently 24, and working on a degree in Law Enforcement hoping to get into Emergency Management and lots more in my career. Currently I reside in Burnsville, work many jobs, many of them are with UffDa Adventures! When I am not working I love following our MN teams and studying more into rules of sports so I am a better fan of the games.


Adventure Guide

Zach grew up on the water and simply can't get enough. This makes him a perfect PaddleTap operator!

More About Zach
I am from Chaska, MN and I am a Junior at the University of Dayton. This is my third season working at UffDa Adventures-mostly PaddleTap. I have grown up on boats and the water. I enjoy wake-boarding and spending time with family on the lake. Outside of being on the water, I am an avid golfer and a diehard Minnesota Sports fan.


Adventure Guide

Kristi leads tours with UffDa to spice up her 9-5 office life!

More About Kristi
My name is Kristi McMahon and I just started Uffda Adventures this year. Monday-Friday I work as an office manager at a whole sale company. We import furniture from overseas. This is the perfect summer fun I’m looking for to spice up my 9-5. Can’t wait to take you on a tour.


Adventure Guide

A Minnesota local through-and-through, you can find Joe at the cabin when he isn't guiding adventure tours!

More About Joe
I live in Minnetonka, MN and go to school at the University of St. Thomas. I am a junior majoring in accounting. In the summer, I enjoy being on the lake, spending time at my cabin, golfing, and playing sports with my friends. In my spare time, I will head outside and play badminton, croquet, beach volleyball, or tennis. At my cabin, I enjoy fishing, hunting, and playing bags with friends and family. In the winter, I enjoy playing pond hockey, skiing, and ice fishing.


Adventure Guide

An aspiring actor, performer, and all around awesome dude - Philly is sure to make your tour a memorable one!

More About Philly
I was born and raised in Minnesota, and have been driving boats since I was 15. I graduated from Iowa State with performing arts and communication. I've done all sorts of acting and entertainment industry jobs involving traveling, acting, signing. This is my first year with UffDa and I'm excited to make your adventure the best one yet!


Adventure Guide

Andrew is our resident beer connoisseur. He and his wife have visited over 150 craft breweries in Minnesota alone!

More About Andrew
This is my first year doing Brewery Tours with UffDa. I’m a huge micro beer supporter with a shared bucket list with my wife of visiting all the breweries in the great state of MN. I’ve been to 150 so far. Beer is my passion. I love helping people decide where to go, and what types to try.


Adventure Guide

Ryan specializes in leading our Amsterdam Pedals bike tours. He knows his way around the cities!

More About Ryan
I’m Ryan, a hockey player currently doing the college thing. This is my first year working with UffDa as I was referred in by a few of my friends who have been tour guides. I mostly drive the bikes in St. Paul and Minneapolis and love showing people a good time. Excited to take ya out!


Adventure Guide

A seasoned UffDa hippy, Patrick is one of our multi-talented Adventure Guides - and a hit with all groups.

More About Patrick
This is my 2nd year with UffDa, I live on the west side (Minnetonka) area. I just got my captain license for the boats as it’s a ton of fun driving the boats, I’m up for any adventure thrown my way!
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