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Jump on one of our PaddleTap Boats! We have been offering PaddleTap Tours for four years now! We have a range of boats that can hold anywhere from six to 50 people!

We operate two different types of boats. Our standard PaddleTap Boat is the original tour. This is where you paddle the boat (large PaddleWheel in back) with a bar in the middle for you to sit at! You Paddle (Pedal) the boat around Lake Minnetonka or White Bear Lake**NEW FOR 2019**

Truly a Minnesota bucket list experience. Great for bonding with your friends and family!

We offer a LazyTap tour that has NO paddling (its why we call it LAZY) on Lake Minnetonka! Its a large double deck party pontoon, with a bar in the middle. It does have a bathroom and can hold up to 16 people per boat.

Check out our videos (PADDLETAP VIDEO) to see what PaddleTap is all about!

Quick PaddleTap Facts:

PaddleTap Original Boats Can hold 14-18 people-Lake Minnetonka (18) or White Bear Lake (14)

LazyTap on Lake Minnetonka can hold 16

PaddleTap Boats Only Last 90 Minutes (1 hour 30 minutes-Lake Minnetonka and White Bear Lake)

LazyTap Boats Last 2 hours and 30 minutes on the water (Lake Minnetonka)

Starting Points at Lord Fletchers or Back Channel Brewing and NEW downtown Excelsior on Lake Minnetonka (PaddleTap Boat)

Starting Points at Lord Fletchers, Back Channel or Wayzata for (LazyTap Boat)

Starting Points Admiral D's on White Bear Lake (PaddleTap Boat)

BYOB at Back Channel or White Bear Lake, or Off Sale Liquor at Lord Fletchers (Lake Minnetonka only)


How long are the tours?
PaddleTap Boat Tours (With Pedals) will last 90 Minutes (one hour and 30 minutes). Our LazyTap boat on Lake Minnetonka will last three full hours of boating.

What lakes do you operate on?
PaddleTap (Pedal boat) will operate on Lake Minnetonka and White Bear Lake in 2019. Our LazyTap Boat will operate only on Lake Minnetonka.

Is it BYOB?
Our White Bear Lake and Back Channel Pickups for PaddleTap on Lake Minnetonka will be BYOB and coolers are allowed. If you want our staple Lord Fletchers pickup on Lake Minnetonka you must purchase drinks from them. (OFf SALE) coolers will not be allowed at all at Lord Fletchers. When you book, a link will be emailed to you and make it easy to order from Lord Fletchers.

Can you eat on the boat?
Yes! You can! If you do bring something make sure its small. We don't have a ton of room for large meals. But small snacks for your group are very popular!

Do you provide music?
Yes, all of our tours have bluetooth that you can hook up with phone too. We let you be the DJ! 🙂

Is swimming allowed?
We do not allow swimming on our PaddleTap boats. We can find time to swim (four people max-must wear lifejackets) per time on the LazyTap if time allows. This tour is longer so its possible, but not common.

Is Fishing allowed?
No, we leave that up to the pros! 🙂

Do you have a bathroom on board?
We do have a bathroom on our LazyTap three hour curise, our PaddleTap boats do not have a bathroom. But don't worry, we have made friends on the lakes. We can stop as needed if you need a break.

Can we Tip the Tour Guides?
Yes! If you enjoy your trip, I am sure they guide/driver would appreciate it!

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